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Why every home in America should have this...

 Fire Avert...the packaging!
My friend Pete is the co-creator of this amazing device called Fire Avert. He asked if I would be willing to try out his product and if I liked it, would I blog about it? Well, how could I turn down an awesome offer like that? Of course and absolutely I would do it! First, watch this great news piece about Pete and his invention:

 Fire Avert Video

Pete...the master inventor!
I'm pretty much like the majority of Americans where prevention and preparedness isn't usually my strong suite. I work to maintain my livelihood and I put out fires (metaphorical fires usually) as they come along. I do some things to prevent bigger problems like getting the oil changed in my car and replacing its tires as needed, I keep my yard cleaned to prevent HOA nastygrams and have a veggie garden which helps keep my family healthier which prevents illnesses. Oh, I also have smoke detectors (although I'm not always the best at changing the batteries).

Pulling my stove out...It was super disgusting behind it
However, once I started taking to Pete about Fire Avert, I sincerely questioned why this type of device shouldn't be mandatory in every house, apartment and commercial building that has a stove. Fire Avert is so simple and affordable! Plug it into your stove and then device plugs into the wall outlet. Now what it does is amazing part. If your smoke alarm goes off for any reason, it will automatically shut off the power to your stove within 30 seconds of the alarm ringing. Why is that so important? Watch this demo to find out:
Pretty compelling, I think. Rather than take Pete's word on his facts about house fires (even if he is a firefighter), I did my own research to find out why Fire Avert is so great. The most important fact I could find is that every 3.5 minutes a stove fire is reported in the U.S.

  • Deaths from fires and burns are the third leading cause of fatal home injuries. 
  • The majority of residential fires and fire-related deaths are preventable.
  • In the U.S., someone dies from a fire every 169 minutes.
  • 85% of U.S. fire deaths occur in homes.
  • In 2010, firefighters responded to 384,000 home fires that killed 2,640 people and injured 13,350 people.
  • What Fire Avert looks like...simplicity is good!
  • COOKING is the primary cause of residential fires.
Now, who are the people at most risk for residential fires:
  • Children under 4
  • Adults ages 65 and older
  • People living in rural areas
  • People living in manufactured homes or substandard housing
How easy is this to install? Don't mind the dirt please!
Do you know anyone that fall into this list? I know many friends and family members who have young kids and many of my relatives are over 65 years of age. 

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission reported these facts in 2013:
  • Between 2008-2010 there were 366,700 unintentional residential house fires, 2,310 deaths, 12,550 injuries and more than $7 billion in property damage each year.
  • Pete testing the device by turning on my smoke alarm
  • The top cause of house fires is cooking equipment, causing 40% of residential house fires each year. 

Fire Avert is extremely simple to install, just plug your stove into it and then plug the box into the outlet. It took us less than 10 minutes to install. Here's a video an an install to show you how easy it is:

While I was looking into this product, I couldn't help but think about the many times I've left my stove or oven on while doing other things, even leaving the house. I couldn't imagine the guilt and sadness I would feel my stove started a fire in my home without me being there. I remember how it was normal for my Grandma to put a roast in the oven while we all went to church. Do you ever do this or know someone who does? 

Fire's cool!
So peeps, my final verdict...I strongly recommend, even for piece of mind, that you buy Fire Avert for either your home or for a loved one (Grandparents, Parents, Aunts/Uncles). Don't wait! It's the Christmas Season so do it now, you have no excuses! Also friends, would you please share this with your friends and family? I think this product has the potential to save thousands of lives a year. So far this year, there have been 117,000 stove fires this year and it's estimated that Fire Avert has prevented 118 fires.

Check out Fire Avert's website here to order yours ASAP.

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