Thursday, October 16, 2014

So Just How Hard Is It?

theinternalstruggle.comI know what you're thinking and boy are you sha-nasty! This is a short a simple post where I'm conducting an observational study in my Statistics class...more on this class in a later post.
I'm trying to see how many blog followers I can get based on friends sharing this post with others. I'm competing against a fellow student and I don't like to lose.
If you don't like to lose either, then please help by doing the following:
theinternalstruggle.com1. Follow my blog.
2. Share my site or this post on at least one of your social media sites (Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, tumbler, blogger) asking your friends to do the same.
If you don't want to share...that's cool...just follow my blog. If you follow my blog I will name you in an upcoming post and if you message me with your picture, I'll include it in the post (naked photos won't be used on my blog but they may be used as a form of extortion later in your life...hee hee).
Also, I'll do a random drawing at the end of the month and the winner will get this t-shirt!
OK...that's it! Let the games begin and may the odds be ever in my favor!!!

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